A Serjeant

Arnhem Oosterbeek, Netherlands

Battle of Jutland

On this day in 1916, Johann Wilhelm Kinau died during the Battle of Jutland. In Germany, he is better known under his pseudonym: Gorch Fock. Multiple ships in German naval history carried his name, one being the training bark of the modern German navy.

Ypres Reservoir Cemetery

Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium


Kriegsgräberstätte Hooglede, Belgium

The Dead in the East

Kriegsgräberstätte Weeze, Germany


Kriegsgräberstätte Pierrepont

Nécropole nationale de Douaumont

Nécropole nationale de Douaumont, Verdun, France


Some impressions…

Ein deutscher Soldat

Kriegsgräberstätte Ysselsteyn, Niederlande


Kriegsgräberstätte Menen, Belgium